5 Reasons Why You Should Choose A WordPress Website

Are you considering building a new website or updating yours? Want customisation, support, and expertise? Hire a WordPress web professional.


Are you considering building a new website or updating yours?

First, you will have to decide whether to do the work yourself or hire a professional. A website is a big time and financial investment, and it’s worth thinking carefully about the decision.

The best choice for individuals who require more customisation, support, and expertise is to hire a WordPress web professional. You need a website that effectively communicates your message to your target audience, and web professionals know how to do that.

Is it worth your time and effort to build a DIY website that does not meet your needs? You will save time and money if we help you build one that does.

Here’s how.

What is a DIY Website?

In website development, DIY refers to websites built without the involvement of a professional developer using free site-building tools. Most builders of this type offer several predefined templates.

Options to customise may include any or all of the following: headings, logos, titles, headings, photos, colour schemes, block layouts, and similar things. Usually, they are pretty user-friendly with drag-and-drop functionality, and no coding is required.

Problems with DIY websites

DIY sites sound very appealing – certainly less expensive than hiring a web professional or agency. Aren’t we all eager to hear, “It’s free”? The sites are free to create, they do not take much time to complete, and the results are immediately visible.

The benefits stop there, however.

Additionally, DIY builders are not as free as they initially appear – they often have:

  • Premium versions
  • Critical options that cost money
  • Costs associated with an additional domain name

You may regret choosing DIY instead of hiring a professional web design agency due to the potential profits a professionally designed, well-functioning website could generate.

Don’t forget that every click matters – and well-designed sites can boost conversions and raise brand awareness.

Common Customer Complaints about DIY Wix or Squarespace Websites

  • Many DIY Wix or Squarespace websites look very similar
  • Inability to add new features to the website
  • Free versions have a lot of ads
  • There is no perfect template for their business
  • One template does not have enough variations
  • Problems with SEO
  • Options for customisation are limited
  • Having difficulty switching platforms in the future
  • Free plans have many restrictions

Why do we Exclusively Build our Websites Using WordPress?

You have a team of experts to work with when you hire a professional website agency. A team that is devoted to your site, your cause, and your goals; that shares your vision and wants to see you succeed; that knows how to help you get where you want to go, and that has the project management skills to deliver your new website on time and budget.

Growing businesses can benefit from professionally designed and built WordPress websites that aren’t possible with a simple website builder. Among the benefits are:

1. Your website will look unique

Your website will stand out from competitors with the help of professional website designers. Free templates and builders are not enough to make your website stand out! Your design will follow the most recent trends in web design if you hire a professional team.

You can show your customers and competitors that you take your design seriously by being professional. Wix or Squarespace also lack flexibility; once you choose a template, you are stuck with it–you must start over if you want a different design.

2. Better SEO

Using search engine optimisation best practices, professionals can make your website visible to potential customers. On our team, we have a web developer who is an expert in SEO to focus on URL structure, meta tag creation, and much more.

WordPress is by design incredibly search engine friendly. Websites using WordPress can be further optimised using plugins.

3. Adaptable to mobile devices

It’s no longer a luxury to have a mobile-friendly website; it’s a necessity. Make sure your website passes the mobile-friendly test if you want to keep Google and your users happy.

A professional brings User Experience (UX) knowledge to the table that’s essential to the success of a site, and they can create a site that incorporates mobile compatibility, making sure it’s omnichannel.

Our websites are responsive when we build them. As a result, it looks beautiful on mobile devices and tablets. Although this isn’t new, and it’s something that’s expected anyway, with WordPress, it makes the process so much easier.

4. Your website will look legitimate

Imagine comparing a professional drawing to one done by a primary school kid. Although you can spend hours trying to create your website, in the end, it’s best if you hire a professional.

An expert could complete the task in less than five minutes when it might take you three hours to complete. You and your business or profile will appear very legitimate when you hire a professional to create your website.

Users visiting your website will be immediately impressed by how well-designed it is. Leave a lasting impression. Yay!

5. You own the website

The website you have created does not cease to be yours just because you hired a professional developer.

On the contrary! Your website looks exactly as you want it to and contains exactly what you want. Website professionals, like us, should offer training sessions to edit the website yourself if you wish. We don’t hold you ransom to coming back and paying for every future edit.

In addition, professional websites offer more functionality than DIY websites. You will create a website as unique as you are with their skill and your vision.

Bottom Line

Professional web developers have experience and knowledge of the industry. We’ll work with knowledgeable people about best practices to help you increase traffic and conversions.

A single point of contact and ongoing support is a bonus. What if something goes wrong? You can leave it to your developer while you go about your business.

In addition to helping you analyse your traffic once your site is up and running, a good web developer will suggest how to optimise your content and site to keep increasing those conversions.

Are you looking for a professional web designer/developer?

Contact us today so we can help you design and build your website or E-commerce store (simple or complex) according to your business needs.


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