7 Signs Of A High-Performing Website

You have a website but you aren't sure if it's high-performing and working as well as it could be. Check out our 7 indicators that you are on track.


So … you have a website, but you aren’t sure if it’s performing as well as it could be. Maybe it’s new; maybe it’s a few years old. If you aren’t a web developer, how can you even tell if it’s doing its job?

Below is the checklist for you. Take a look and see where you fit. All websites are online living entities and need a bit of love and attention to keep working at their best, but maybe there is some low hanging fruit you can quickly remedy.

Remember that your website is the online version of your shop in this digital age, the face of your service and brand. People will build confidence in what you have to offer based on these 7 areas. Let’s give them a stellar first impression of what you have to offer.

7 signs you have a high performing website.

1. Your website satisfies user intent and has a clear goal.

Do you know your audience? Do you have a crystal clear idea of your business goals and how you are expecting your website to flow and perform? Do you know who is coming to your site to do business with you?

2. Your website has technical prowess.

A good website is easily crawlable and shows search engines what they can and can’t index. Good sites don’t have a huge amount of errors. A good website loads super fast from anywhere in the world.

3. Your website is trustworthy, safe & secure.

Both search engines and users are looking for signals that signify trust. Why should your site or your content be trusted? Regular downtime might point to sloppy maintenance. Do you have an SSL certificate and safe payment gateways in place for your customers?

4. Your website has great design & Stellar UX.

The design of your website needs to help fulfil the goals you set. Your message should come across loud and clear. The design should be on-brand and well-thought-out. But accessibility is not something you should scrimp on. Your UX (User Experience) is extremely important to ensure your guests have a positive experience while interacting with you online.

5. Your site has awesome user-centred content.

Be user-centred, not company-centred. Good content helps your users accomplish their goals, and you want to offer this content at the right moment while keeping the business goals firmly in sight. People love to feel like the site they are on is speaking their language, relatable and welcoming.

6. Your site is mobile-friendly (or rather, designed mobile-first)

For the last couple of years, mobile traffic has kept growing and growing. If your site is not mobile-friendly by now, you should get to it and work on your mobile SEO. Google will slow your reach, fast, if it is not mobile responsive. If your website is a few years old, this is something to check today.

7. Your site can ‘talk’ directly to search engines

For years, search engines tried to read content on pages to determine what that page is about. They need that content to be able to match the search query with the indexed pages that give the best answers to this query.

There you have it! These are 7 signs that your website is high-performing and likely to reach people. This is not an exhaustive list; websites are comprehensive tools that require constant work to stay relevant. If you are unsure how your website is ranking in the world of SEO and high-performance, reach out, and we can help perform an SEO for you. This comprehensive report will give you detailed information on improvement areas, a strategy for growing your audience and a bit of a birthday.


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