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Marketing strategy is the most effective way to set and achieve your business goals quickly, simply, and measurably. The final result of a well-executed strategy is a competitive advantage. Step 1 – Set goals and objectives Use the SMART list to pinpoint your goals and objectives. To steer your business toward achieving the desired outcome you must first have a clear idea in your mind of what exactly that outcome is. Get started. Grab a pen, and paper, and start writing down your business goals...

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between paid and organic Facebook posts and how you should use the two different options? Hopefully, I can help clear up any questions you might have. Organic reach is when a person has an unpaid post display on their feed and paid reach is when a person has a paid post (ad) display on their feed. Organic reach is in decline as more and more content is being created and posted on Facebook. You...