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Ever wonder how Google sees and displays your website?

This quick tip will show you how to see what Google has indexed about your website, and some things to improve your SEO ranking.

Load up google.com in your favourite browser, and enter the following into the search box: site:example.com but replace example.com with your domain name, and then hit enter.

The results that show up are the pages that Google has indexed for your website. Cool huh?

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  • Ensure all of the search results actually work. No broken links and the page matches the title
  • Make sure all of the titles are consistent and contain relevant keywords
  • Review all of the meta descriptions to ensure they are completed and contain relevant keywords
  • Make sure no important pages are missing

Don’t worry if you can’t fix something that you’ve noticed, we are well equipped to help out. Email through to [email protected] or message us on Facebook. For other ways to get in touch, head over to our contact page.

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