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Have you ever wondered what the difference is between paid and organic Facebook posts and how you should use the two different options? Hopefully, I can help clear up any questions you might have.

Organic reach is when a person has an unpaid post display on their feed and paid reach is when a person has a paid post (ad) display on their feed.

Organic reach is in decline as more and more content is being created and posted on Facebook. You will notice that the amount of reach your unpaid posts are getting is dropping, with paid ads taking centre stage.

With the current Covid-19 lockdown in NZ, and more people trying to keep their non-essential businesses visible, via Facebook, there has been a flood of posts and only so much “unpaid” newsfeed to go around.

Good news though, COVID-19 has provided a brilliant time to run paid ad campaigns. The audience is HUGE with so many people at home looking at their newsfeeds. Another bonus is that the price of paid ads has decreased. This is Because there are so many viewers right now which creates a lot of available space for advertising.

Keep in mind that Facebook is a social network. They use algorithms to ensure that people are seeing content that they like. Facebook is also a business so naturally, they push content that they are getting paid for.

Organic reach, what is it and how does it work?
These are posts you make on Facebook that people who already like your page will see, without you having to pay. You definitely don’t need to pay money for every post you make, even though Facebook will suggest that you do. Your everyday maintenance posts should be posted organically and you move on to paid options for your special posts such as new products or promotions.

Paid reach (ads) what are they and do they work?
These are posts you can create through Facebook Business Manager. You have an end goal in mind, develop a strategy based on this goal and then define an audience, based on your target market. From there you will set a budget for your ad campaign and unleash your good work on the world!. Your post will then be distributed to newsfeeds of people who would otherwise not organically be exposed to your page or content.

Do paid ads on Facebook work? Yes, they do.

Is boosting a post the same as an ad? Short answer, no.

When you boost a post you are paying Facebook to show your unpaid post to more of your own followers. This is a function you could utilize when you already have a very large following on FB and you want more of them to see the posts you have already posted that are performing well.

Our suggestion is to create ads over boosting posts as it will give you more bang for your buck.

Some tips to help you build your Facebook business page:

  • Post content REGULARLY
  • Engage with others on FB using your business page (you can switch between the two to comment)
  • Open your wallet … you will have to pay for a few ads to entice Facebook into sharing your content
  • Limit posting links to move off FB, for example, to your website. Facebook likes to keep people on Facebook so these actions will generate less reach. You can post a link to your website in the comments of your post to avoid this
  • Run competitions for people to share your post or tag their friends
  • Use pictures that stand out from the crowd when people are scrolling their newsfeed
  • Share your business posts to your private page
  • Use other social media channels to drive people to Facebook
  • Offer exclusive deals
  • Vary your posts to keep in interesting
  • Ditch the sales pitch, focus on providing value to your audience
  • Ask people in your post to engage with you by commentingGood luck!

I hope I have been able to help answer some of your questions. If you need help please feel free to contact us via Facebook or our website.

From the team at Custom Digital Marketing.

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