Increase Social Media Engagement Using 8 Simple Steps

Efficiently Building your business online requires a high level of social media engagement.


Efficiently Building your business online requires a high level of social media engagement. Strong engagement on Facebook & Instagram shows that your business has a significant market impact and tells people that you are a trusted brand.

Despite wanting to increase your Facebook & Instagram engagement, many have this dream and fail to do so. Here are a few tricks to put you on the right path so that you can turn your social media followers into customers through engagement.

Spend time building relationships with your audience, and you will reap the rewards of a higher number of sales, a higher customer loyalty rate, and more positive reviews. Sounds great, right?

What is Social Media Engagement?

Comments, likes, and shares are measures of social media engagement.

The most important thing to remember is that a bigger audience is not always the best measure of social media success but rather an engaged one.

Large audiences with low engagement will only harm your growth.

The age-old quality over quantity adage applies here.

Engaging and interacting with your audience is crucial to building a positive brand experience and meaningful relationships with new and potential future customers.

Engagement in social media can be measured by several metrics, such as:

  • Post shares
  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Audience growth and followers
  • Clicking through carousels
  • Tags or mentions
  • Use of your brand hashtags

Engaging with your social media account can be measured in various ways, and it grows whenever someone interacts with your account. Like a snowball effect, the more engagement you get, the more the algorithm will serve your page to more people.

8 Ways to Increase Followers and Engagement on Facebook & Instagram

You should focus on Facebook & Instagram engagement whether you’re an eCommerce giant or a tiny freelancer. Social media is the best tool to build connections within your niche and interact with your audience in real-time.

People are more likely to convert when they get to know your brand-whether it’s purchasing your product, trying your services, or signing up for your email newsletter. You can connect with your customers through Facebook & Instagram and build brand loyalty.

1. Always include images in your posts

Instagram requires images to be uploaded; however, this is not the case for all social media platforms. It is important to include relevant images in each publication, even on platforms like Facebook, where images are not required.

Images improve engagement and reach on both platforms. Posts with images grab attention and evoke emotions, whereas posts with only words blend into the feed and are not as easy to spot.

2. Be witty and use humour

Social media is used to entertain people, not to sell to them.

Overly promotional social media posts may end up losing the attention of your audience. Engage your followers on Facebook & Instagram regularly by using humour in your posts.

What is the best way to do this?

  • Think of witty puns that relate to your industry. You can also caption your photos honestly and relate them to your industry.
  • Use relatable humour, which can sometimes be self-deprecating, but is still funny. Teens and young adults relate to their casual tone.

3. Encourage users to create content

A user-generated piece of content is created by your audience and shared by your business. Engaging users on Facebook & Instagram is a great way to get them to interact with your brand and feature their content on your profile.

Promote photos of your products or results from your services by asking your followers to post them. Have them include your business’s name.

Social media user-generated content can lead to fantastic word-of-mouth recommendations for your product or service, as it encourages people to talk about your brand.

4. Respond to your audience

The easiest way to improve Facebook & Instagram engagement is to respond to your audience; many companies don’t do this. We call this the “post and ghost”, which is a mistake – you want to engage your followers in conversation with your comments.

If you want to have a conversation with your audience, you should spend the time conversing with them. Reply to comments. Talk to your audience and engage them. Monitor the comments on your profile, and take the time to respond.

Use the person’s name when responding to their comments on social media to increase engagement. Your business feels more connected to them because you address them directly and ask open-ended questions to encourage conversation.

5. Post regularly

Keep your engagement high across all your platforms by posting consistently. Getting inspired, posting a bunch of memes on Facebook, then not posting for a month isn’t enough. Make sure you post consistently.

Your followers will remember you if you remain consistent. As a result, your content is found and favoured by the Instagram / Facebook algorithms, resulting in more people (and potential followers) seeing your posts.

6. Create engaging content

You must create content that people can engage with to increase social media engagement. You could create a poll; a video people can relate to, a graphic that makes people laugh, or a product photo that encourages people to share. Canva is a great FREE tool for creating graphics, check it out here.

Publish content that people will enjoy. Make sure the content you choose drives people to feel something. Avoid posting sensitive topics which are polarising, likely to induce angry comments and turn away potential customers.

7. Organise competitions and giveaways

Run competitions and giveaways to increase social media engagement while having people follow your page or, even better, visit your website landing page.

Your business can also expense the prize you award to the winner, and you could support other small businesses by gifting an item of theirs and spreading the social media love.

8. Use trending hashtags

Hashtags can significantly increase your engagement on Instagram, but you need to know how to use them.

Though your posts may already reach your existing followers, hashtags can help you reach people who don’t already follow you. You increase your chances of being found on Instagram when you use relevant and trending hashtags.


You must invest time and effort into improving your Facebook & Instagram engagement. Your engagement rates can significantly increase if you tailor your posts to your current audience.

In addition to converting your followers into customers, increasing your engagement rates will improve your social media reach. Engaging your audience will help your company if you put in the work to find your groove.

Is there anything you need to know about improving your social media engagement? Sign up for a customised social media strategy session to boost your brand’s social media game!


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