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Search Engine Optimization

Improve the visibility and traffic to your website.
First Step

Research & Analyze

Review reports, google activity and existing data to determine the current status of your website. Analyzing competitor activity and identifying areas for improvement.

Second Step


Building a strategy to optimize the content, images and technical requirements of your website. Completing keyword research and a content link building strategy.

Third Step

Execute and Measure

Take action and complete optimization, including local SEO. Integrate social media to leverage your SEO based content. Monitor and measure results for review.


The location and density of keywords on your website are critical to achieving great SEO.

Loading speed

Google has indicated that site loading speed is one of the signals their algorithm uses to rank pages.

Image Optimization

Using relevant images with appropriate sizing and alt text will help search engines promote you.

Positive user experience

We measure your site bounce rates which indicate if people are finding what they seek.

Our Toolbox

SEO considers how search engines and computer programmed algorithms work to determine their behaviour. By offering up what the search engine is looking for, we can improve the performance and ranking of your website. More visitors directed to your website means more customer conversions.

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Are all crawlers creepy?

NO! leading search engines such as Google and Bing use crawlers to find pages on the internet for their search results. Crawlers look at the content/code on the page and analyze it. If the crawler deems the page eligible, it will be indexed and then appear in search results. You can also achieve indexing by submitting a map of your site directly.

Expert help

We spend a lot of time learning the technical tools and tricks so that you don't have to. We will get results for you.

Local SEO

When people in your town or city ask Siri a question, is your business the answer? It can be. We can get this result for you.

Market share

Take your piece of the pie with smart strategy and online presence. Stand out in your market space and be seen.

Increase sales

Boost leads and attract sales with search engine optimization. You can't sell a secret; we can shine a light on your website.