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First Step

Introduction to Digital Marketing

Come along to our monthly workshop in New Plymouth, if you're a local. If not, contact us to arrange an online delivery of ``Introduction to Digital Marketing`` via Zoom.

Second Step

One-on-One Marketing Strategy

Following our Intro workshop, book a One-on-One digital marketing strategy with us. 4 x 2-hour sessions, held over one month and fully customised to your business.

Third Step


We will teach you how to build your Social Media and Email Marketing automation. Take the stress out of each day by automating all in one go, time-saving at it's finest.

Do you create results or excuses?

The goal of education is understanding; the goal of training is performance – Frank Bell

Increase Your Knowledge

Knowledge is power and it opens doors to new opportunities. Get started on your new Toolbox.

Get Those Goals

Learning new skills is the intention of helping yourself achieve your desired outcomes.

Get Motivated

The level of effort and energy you invest now will lay the foundations of your success.

Ask For Help

You don't know what you don't know. Reach out and you will already have achieved something.

Our Teaching Style

Our main priority is to transfer useful information from ourselves to you, in a way that you can easily understand. We develop creative ways of working with the many different learning styles that people have. We put a focus on incorporating as much enthusiasm and fun into each interaction as we can.

Strong Communication 0
Engaging and Interactive 0
Real World Learning 0
Cutting Edge Information 0

It’s finally time to Get Started

You are 100% behind your product or service, and you want to tell the whole world about it! Or maybe even just your country, region or town. You want to reach more customers for less money than traditional marketing, or maybe you would like to use a combination of both. You aren’t quite sure where to start. We learn all about this stuff, so you don’t have to.

Ready for a Challenge?

If there is something that you would like to learn, you can. Don't limit your challenges, challenge your limits.

Feeling Curious?

Seen a digital advertisement and wondered what type of ``rocket science`` created it? It was a human, like you!

Feeling interested?

Ready to direct your attention and focus on the idea of learning something that will direct your future in a positive way?

Want to get started?

We are ready and willing to help facilitate your journey to marketing your business online. Get in touch, right now.