What Is A Social Media Strategy, And Why Do I Need One?

Your Social Media strategy will help you define measurable goals and set target outcomes helping to boost engagement and sales.


Social media channels help your business by building, showcasing and promoting your brand engagingly and cost-effectively. But posting for the sake of posting without understanding your goals or target audience might be counterproductive.

Creating a Social media strategy will help you define measurable goals and set target outcomes helping to boost engagement and work in parallel with other marketing channels.

Here are our Top 5 Benefits of Having a Social Media Strategy in place for your business:

1: Boosts Brand Awareness

By creating a strategy, you enable an opportunity to fine-tune your content to align with your brand image and resonate highly with your target audience.

Consistently posting good-quality content will help you build a strong, organic presence that people will notice and recognise as your brand. And brand awareness goes hand in hand with sales regardless of your product offering. The more people who know about your brand, the more sales will increase and what’s not to love about that!

2: Saves Time

Taking the time to plan out your socials in one sitting means you only need to create content when the creative juices are flowing, making it easier to create high-quality content, like Instagram Reels! Pre-planning takes away the frequent stress, straining your brain for new ideas when you’re overwhelmed with other things or stuck in a creative rut.

A strategy will also save you time and make for a smoother transition if you ever have new staff coming in. They’ll get to grips with content creation much more efficiently. With a solid strategy to refer back to, they’ll be able to stay consistent with your brand image.

3: Builds Consistency

When it comes to social media, Consistency is Key! Putting time into planning your socials allows you to make sure each post is consistent with your brand identity, voice and goals.Scheduling your ready-made posts will allow for consistent posting too. You’ll no longer have to worry about sporadically posting or panic over days of dormancy. You can use the free scheduling tool, Creator Studio, to help with this.Consistency in what and when you post will help you establish a stronger, more cohesive social presence, allowing new and repeat customers to discover and quickly recognise your brand when it shows up on their feed.

4: Creates Measurable Outcomes

By having a strategy in place, you outline goals, objectives and target outcomes you hope to achieve. This not only gives you a sense of direction and helps keep your socials in sync with other company objectives but allows you to track progress too easily.

By analysing progress against goals and objectives, you can see where you’re going well and know what you need to work towards.

5: It keeps you Ahead of the Competition

With all your content planned and scheduled ahead of time, you can focus your efforts on finer details like mastering your brand image and more actively engaging. Planning will help you stand out from your competitors and help you reach a wider audience too.

A detailed strategy is also super helpful if you are working as part of a team; everyone will be on the same page with the content for the month, what and when it is being posted, and who is responsible for each step. If you have someone working on your content for you, there is no better way than giving a detailed plan in advance and having a place to review the content before it goes out. We can help you set all of this up for you.

At CDM, we offer one-on-one social media training customised to your needs. We create a plan specific for you and your business and equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to boost your brand, grow your audience and generate sales through social media.

To find out more, contact me (Jenna) by email or through the website, and we can get started!


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