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You don't have to be a tech-pro to grow your business online.

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Being a business owner and relying on yourself for income can be stressful.

If you don’t have your marketing right and haven’t built a steady customer base, you will undoubtedly be worried about how you will pay the bills each month, and this is a natural killer of creativity, joy and happiness.

By sustainably planning your marketing and learning the tools and places to be online, you set yourself up for tranquillity in your business owner-y life. Who doesn’t want more of that?

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Our services

Website Design & Development

We build high performing websites designed to work hard for their position in a highly competitive online world. Our websites are user experience (UX) focused, giving your visitors a premium experience and ease of use.

Marketing Support & Strategy Training

Our Marketing Support & Strategy Training consists of custom coaching, training and support for you and your business. We meet regularly and offer support in between meetings. Using a plan, we will smash through your marketing goals.

Social Media Support & Strategy Training

Using smart strategy and an arsenal of tools, we will guide you through the world of social media. The where, when and how to post. Targeting, creation and scheduling. We don't do it for you, but we will teach you how.

Getting started

You’ve got a unique business or idea, but you aren’t sure where to start your marketing.

It would help if you had some direction and support BUT, you don’t have money raining down on you just yet. You need to invest what you do have in the right place, with the right people.

Are we the right people for you? We offer a wealth of business knowledge, applied experience in our business, and we work with many small to medium business owners, just like you.

Above all, we are people who care about your success and want to make the marketing journey as painless for you as possible.

Our 1:1 consulting will build your confidence using digital tools to spread your message online; however that looks for your business.

Our 3-step process

During our initial consultation, we will establish if we are the right fit for your business. From there, we can move on to our 3-step process below.

Goal setting

Let's learn more about your why, what the future looks like based on your goals, and map out a path to success.

Planning & Strategy

The devil is in the detail. This is where we make a plan and set measurable steps toward achieving your goals.

Execution & review

Setting the wheels in motion and monitoring success. We offer ongoing support and advice.

Sure, you could sell your “thing” to anyone, but wouldn’t you prefer to work with the people who can pay you and who your “thing” will serve best? The people who will love it, recommend it and be back for more?

You can call them your people, your tribe, your dream clients, your target market, call them whatever you like, but knowing EXACTLY who they are… that is where the magic lives. We can help you figure out who they are and where to find them online.

Gain Marketing Superpowers!

Frequently Asked Questions

Curious to know more? We are happy to answer any questions for you.

Which social media channels should I use?

This is different for every business and depends on your target market. The general rule is Instagram for a younger audience, Facebook for an older audience, LinkedIn for B2B.

Is email marketing effective?

Yes! Your email list is the only thing that YOU own which makes it very valuable to you. When people give you their email, they give you a direct line to their inbox; no algorithm can hold you back. That is gold!

What is a marketing strategy?

It’s a fancy title for a plan. Fail to plan, plan to fail, as they say. Once you have a clear vision of what you want and detail your roadmap to get there, the hard work is done. More about strategy on our marketing services page.

Should I buy Facebook ads?

Only if you know who your target market is and how to target those people using FB Ads Manager. Otherwise. You are merely throwing your hard-earned cash into Mark Z’s pocket.

Do I need a website?

Websites are a powerful tool to house your business on the internet. Your website will promote you 24/7, offer a place for your tribe to learn more about you and buy your "things" where & when it best suits them.

Isn't everyone my target market?

Nope. Targeting is not being a "mean girl" and leaving anybody out. It's about choosing who you want to work with most and directing your messaging to them. Others may come, but your target is where you focus.

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